Top destinations to study abroad from Bangladesh

Top Destinations to Study Abroad from Bangladesh

When a student wants to study abroad there are a few aspects which decide on the probability to choose a country. In the beginning, a student looks for the tuition fee because it is the most important factor in studying abroad. Financial capability varies from person to person. Thus, a student will only choose a country if the tuition fees and living cost are suitable compared to his financial backup. Talking about living cost, a student thinks about the living cost second to tuition fees because apart from studying, living in an apartment, grocery cost, utility bills etc. take a significant cut from the budget. Therefore, choosing a country where the necessities are cheap is a big help for the students. Furthermore, students also look for the environment and people when they decide on the country. Not everyone can survive the cold or extremely heat. Thus, students want to study in a country where the weather isn’t an issue. In addition, they also look for the compatibility with the natives. Students do not want to study at a hostile place. They want tranquility and friendly behavior. Diversity also plays a role while choosing a country because a diverse society contains people from all around the world, and they can find people from their native land too which gives them a homely feeling. At times students become homesick. If they can interact or get in touch with people from their country, it works as a charm.

Among all the countries we have narrowed it down to top 5 countries where the students will get all the facilities they can hope for. 


Canada has been on the top spot for the most suitable country for international students according to Global Survey Association. Canda is known for its friendly environment, well-mannered citizens, and suitable weather. Canada is an apex decision for students who want to study abroad. Canadian education system is known for their practical knowledge, and wide range of courses for international students. While the expenses of educational cost are essentially lower, its universities can match the top universities of the world. Canadas biggest advantage is its diversity. People from all around the world live in this country making it a social hub for everyone. Students will not feel uncomfortable as English is one of the two major languages. They will also be exposed to French and will learn a new language while living there which will be great for their resume. Students can take breaks from their study and refresh their minds by going on hikes, swimming, skiing and so on. Canada has plenty of tourist spots. Overall, Canada is considered to be one of the safest and naturally gifted countries in the world. University of Toronto, McGill University, University of Alberta is one of the top universities in Canada which also secure their places as top universities in the world.


Although it is much more expensive than other countries, academically UK is the best option for international students as 4 of the top 10 universities belong to UK. From that you can understand the level of education system in UK. On account of renowned colleges like Oxford and Cambridge and the numerous quality colleges the nation over, it scored first on the planet for admittance to better educating. Getting onto UK is much easier than any other country as in each city there is at least one university, so you won’t have to struggle to find a suitable university according to your need. While numerous students wind up in London, urban areas like Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and Belfast additionally offer destinations, sounds and encounters of their own. UK has always been appreciated for its way of life and way of living, there’s so much to do outside of the university too.


Students who are looking forward to traveling abroad, the United States provides endless opportunities for a student. This vast country provides a unique experience in each individual state. Everyone knows that USA is called the land of opportunities, and they are right because USA provides so much quality education and the scope for recruitment is endless. Universities like Harvard, Standford, Massachusetts are on top of every student’s list. Although the cost of education is higher, the lifestyle or the opportunities justify it. In addition, a lot of the universities offer scholarships too. Anyway, If you want to have some fun between classes, USA is the perfect place for you.


The cost of studying at Australia is relatively cheaper than other countries like UK and USA. Furthermore, if you want even cheaper universities, you can apply outside the main cities. Australia represents a number of top universities in the cities of Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Australia also ranked seventh in the world for personal development, proving the country has more to offer than just a great education. Studying in Australia is an opportunity with which a student can march ahead and utilize that to the fullest with so many options there. People who like sunny weather should consider Australia as their next destination. Theres hardly any winter, and most of the time the weather is hot. There are twenty UNESCO World Heritage sites like the Great Barrier Reef and the Sydney Opera House, students can roam around and explore this beauty of a country.


Germany is a popular choice for studying abroad. One of cheapest countries to study at is Germany as they provide a lot of scholarships. International students, regardless of EU citizenship, can study at the undergraduate or graduate level in Germany for free. Germany is perfect for all seasons. Therefore, students who are sensitive about their weather can be rest assured of that. Germany is full of landscapes, mountains, beaches and so on. During studies students can take some time off and let go of themselves in these natural tourist spots. Overall, if you are interested in studying abroad for free and you have the qualification, Germany is your best option.